Name: DMO OFFICE 139
Investor: DEMIURG
Location: St. Dmowskiego 139, Poznań
Designer: DEMIURG
General contractor: DEMIURG
Date: 2022
People of the project: Inga Rolek, Hubert Maciejewski, Paweł Brzykcy, Natalia Kazubek, Bartosz Kaczmarek, Marek Król, Emilia Pakulska-Nabereźna, Natalia Krzymińska, Justyna Chojnacka, Armand Ulatowski


Nowadays, one of the most difficult things, and also the most desirable aspects, is to stand out positively. We chose an interesting place, close to the center, while at the same time without inconvenient traffic jams and paid parking zone. With a lot of heart, we integrated the historic building into modern architecture. This is how the DMO OFFICE 139 project came into being.

Driving along Dmowskiego Street in Poznań, one could already notice for several months that a new investment would be built there. We are implementing our new concept there, namely boutique offices. These are modern and designer work spaces, at some distance from the city center, taking care of the user’s privacy and peace of mind while working. Two such facilities have already been built in Poznan’s Górczyn district.

The concept for the building was selected through an in-house architectural competition held at the design office. In concept, the facility was divided into three separate blocks. The old part, which is on the historical records, was brought to a simplified white form, which, except for the original proportions and details, does not dominate the whole intention. To it was added a second block of similar size and rhythm of windows, which was entirely clad in yellow razor blades. This solid provides a buffer of sorts. It partly draws on historic buildings, but also adds a modern and visible element. On the other hand, at the back, the last, taller block was set up entirely in yellow. It is like a screen against which other elements are more visible. Despite such a saturated color, it does not dominate the entire design, as it is hidden behind white elements.


People of the project

Inga Rolek

Hubert Maciejewski

Paweł Brzykcy

Natalia Kazubek

Bartosz Kaczmarek

Marek Król

Emilia Pakulska-Nabereźna

Natalia Łęczowska

Justyna Chojnacka

Armand Ulatowski

Mateusz Gołańczyk

Marta Jaracz-Plucińska