Golęcin Complex

Investor: City of Poznań
Designer: DEMIURG
General Contractor: TAMEX Sports Facilities Inc.
Area: 18825 m2
Implementation date:2020
People of the project: Natalia Kazubek, Rafał Murat, Emilia Rogaczewska
Photographer: Karolina Kosińska
Drone photographer: Krzysztof Sobieralski

Golęcin Complex

The Golęcin Complex is a sports complex sunk in greenery that was built as early as the 1950s. Due to its natural advantages, cognoscenti are eager to use the area for daily walks or weekend recreation. Golęcin Complex is also the site of numerous sports events. Since 2014, the place has been managed by Poznan Sports and Recreation Centers, which, thanks to financial support from the Civic Budget, has begun work to restore the facilities to their former life. A few years later, a decision was made to enrich the complex with another sports facility – an athletic field.

The design of the new football field with a synthetic surface surrounded by a full-size running track was created on a plot of land that also includes the Olimpia Tennis Park, one of the most beautiful tennis centers in Poland, and catering buildings that house the ŻUK restaurant, designed by our Architects.

We have also designed athletic facilities at the complex, such as a jumping hill for the triple jump, high jump, distance jump, and a ball throwing facility. With the changes, the facility has been classified as a Category III warm-up stadium. The project has received a positive opinion from the Polish Athletic Association. The Poznań pitch required the design of adequate lighting in accordance with regulations to allow training until late in the evening.

Above all, it is a multi-purpose facility that will certainly cater to the needs of local residents, while also allowing for the organization of high-level athletic competitions. The area of the entire field is covered with a synthetic surface and protected by a full drainage system that efficiently drains rainwater. – Rafal Murat, Lead Architect

On a daily basis, the field serves as a training base for the Wielkopolska Football Association, provincial cadres, the soccer team Armia Poznan and the rugby players Chaos Poznan. During major events at the adjacent athletics stadium, the field serves as a warm-up facility.


People of the project

Natalia Kazubek

Rafał Murat

Emilia Rogaczewska