Construction banners transformed into eco bags, or how the #DEMIURGtytki project was created

Author: Karolina Kosińska DEMIURG

The very idea of converting banners into bags was conceived some time ago, but it took time to implement – collecting banners from all construction sites across Poland, packaging, and shipping them to a company that processes such materials.

With the start of discussions on a landscape resolution in Poznan, DEMIURG said it was a good time to put the eco idea into practice. The Landscape Resolution is an important step in cleaning up the public space of the City of Poznań. Unsightly banners and signs are to disappear from the surroundings. Therefore, DEMIURG decided to change its approach to advertising a bit and give residents some value from which they can benefit on a daily basis. The company plans to change its communication with customers about individual investments gradually.

In addition, we already had a large amount of used banners that we had used repeatedly at construction sites, and we collected the rest from current construction sites, and thus it turned out that we had more than 120 m2 of banner material in stock. We wanted to use them in the right way, because we knew they would no longer be used on the investments we were making. I can’t imagine just throwing them away. – Karolina Kosinska, spokeswoman for DEMIURG

Observing a company called Trashki upcycling that recycles such materials, which are not easy to work with, DEMIURG decided that it would entrust old banners to the company and together they would sew unique bags. After the materials were packaged and shipped to the company, the waiting time for the finished product was approx. 2 months. This was followed by 200 large, roomy, and functional bags.

These two main reasons – ecology, as well as the landscape resolution of the City of Poznań – contributed to the initiative. After opening the carton with the shipment, DEMIURG employees were delighted with the appearance and quality of workmanship, so they immediately shared the information and impressions on their personal social media profiles. After meeting with tremendous interest from friends and non-friends, DEMIURG decided to let it loose on the world. In September, competitions are periodically held on the company’s Facebook page (demiurg.designandbuild), where you can win eco bags made from banners.

Although I’m still thinking about making DEMIURG produce less trash, not everything can be completely avoided. In this case, it’s construction banners, which are actually one of the main communication channels for contractors.
Thanks to the conscious team I have the pleasure of working with, they have managed to give them a second life. We collected banners from all the construction sites we were working on and produced from them… beautiful bags! Each of them is different and unique, which is what I like best. – Karolina Kosinska, Spokesperson for DEMIURG

Change in communication

Following suit, DEMIURG has also begun the process of changing its communication with audiences in public spaces.
Thus, an investment signage project was created for the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences at St. Wieniawskiego 21/23 in Poznań, which DEMIURG is implementing under the design & build formula. It is a beautiful historic building with a unique history, which was decided to be presented in graphic form. The design of the signage has been favorably reviewed by the City Visual Artist and the Office of the City Historic Preservation Officer, and the very form of depicting history attracts residents and strollers who look with interest at the suspended graphics.

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