We are an ambitious team of specialists, united by a passion for creating, unafraid of challenges, and with global aspirations. We believe that the key to effective implementation of any investment is trust, dialogue and joint search for technically and price-optimal solutions. We support investors wishing to transform their dreams and plans into reality, providing full support for the entire investment process from the early conceptual phase to the commissioning of the facility. We do this with honesty, integrity, full commitment, caring for a good atmosphere and constructive cooperation, because we believe in our clients’ ideas and enjoy their successes.

DEMIURG Board of Directors

Mikołaj, Bartosz and Natalia form the DEMIURG Board of Directors together. Mikołaj and Bartosz’s business adventure began in 2004 and gave birth to DEMIURG. At first, the company’s specialty was the scope of investor supervision and cost estimating services. Over time, it evolved naturally – Mikołaj and Bartosz decided to expand their offer to include a professional and comprehensive design scope. This decision was based on analyzing the requirements of investors and recognizing the dynamically changing needs of the market. Over time, such move turned out to be more like hitting a jackpot. The company has grown rapidly, reaching an employment level of more than 50 people. Currently, the design office is made up of Both architects, builders, designers, installers, and project managers who coordinate the work, and Natalia heads the entire project office as Vice President. In order for DEMIURG to offer a full range of services in the investment process, the missing factor was general contracting. Therefore, in 2011, a strategic decision was made and an executive department was created, directly headed by Bartosz.

Design department

DEMIURG design office is formed by an architecture department, a construction department, and a project coordination department. The architecture department is an interdisciplinary team of more than a dozen people with different experiences and approaches to design. They are united by a tremendous passion for architecture, which they always see as a form of balance between artistry, technological possibilities, and functionality. The construction department, on the other hand, is a group of people who, in addition to their passion, share a problem-solving orientation and an ambition to take on ever more daring engineering challenges. They are best at difficult, unusual projects that require an out-of-the-box approach. These are their inspiration and motivation for continuous development. The coordination department is working on reconciling the expectations of all parties of the investment. It is made up of several ambitious people who sometimes have to play the role of both organizer and manager. Sometimes they happen to be a mediator between investor, conservationist, and contractor. Other times they assemble project documentation that has to be delivered on time to the investor.

Executive department

The executive department is made up of contract managers, site managers, works managers, and engineers who spend most of their time on the construction sites they manage. The team also includes a “special task” team that works directly on construction sites. Meanwhile, the cost estimating and bidding department is stationed in the office. Everyone is fully involved in every construction project, making sure that it runs smoothly and that the end result is amazing. The executive department is headed by Bartosz, who believes that “people come first.” For many years, through following the rules and respecting the values, the executive department has developed a reputation as a solid and reliable partner. Thanks to their extensive knowledge, experience and commitment, they find their way effortlessly through complex investment processes, while at the same time ensuring that the investor’s needs are safeguarded and cooperation runs smoothly.


We designed and built the space we work in completely on our own. That is why we are sure that each room meets our expectations and needs. Who is responsible for the interior design? Architects from the friendly mode:lina office! 
Photo: Patryk Lewiński | mode:lina

Celebrate our moments

People come first. That is why we often hold meetings with employees, investors or subcontractors. We believe that good relationships between people mean more effective cooperation and a better end result 🙂

Together, we change the world for the better!

The #DEMIURGteam can unite! Every year we participate in the activities of the GOCC (The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity), collect supplies for the dog and cat shelters, and, recently, we managed to held our own charity auction to support seriously ill children. We also continue to help victims of the war in Ukraine. We believe that good comes back

We support #girlspower

The architecture and construction industries are usually considered “masculine,” and well-known women in high positions can be counted on the fingers of one hand. At DEMIURG, we always put skills, education and aptitude first. Both in the Board of Directors and in the individual teams, we take care to equalize gender parity. We believe that this is the most beneficial situation for everyone – we complement each other with our characters, skills, knowledge or different points of view on the same topics. This gives us the opportunity for good and smooth cooperation.