We will build a swimming pool in Olesno

Author: Press Office

Agreement signed! We are about to start working on an outdoor swimming pool complex in Olesno as a general contractor for the project. This was Olesno’s fifth approach to the topic of the swimming pool, so we are all the more pleased that a contractor has finally been selected. Congratulations to Olesno City Hall, and we assure future users that this will be another successful investment.

The heart of this pool complex will be hidden underground. Demolition and earthworks will be carried out first. Then we will make reinforced concrete structures that will be hidden underground. These will be process tanks and chambers for pool water technology. During the summer, we will move on to the main part of the investment, namely the installation of the steel basins, which we want to complete by the end of this year for technological reasons, since steel basins can be welded at a certain temperature and humidity. – Marcin Śniegowski, Director of Wrocław Department