Bydgoszcz Finance Office

Designer: DEMIURG, Front Architects
General contractor: Pubr Sp. z o.o
People of the project: Wojciech Wobszal

Bydgoszcz Finance Office

The main idea of the project was to convert a former school and turn it into an office building.

The facade has been completely refreshed and the roof replaced. The development of the site has been made more suitable to serve the needs of the facility. Parking lots have been created. The functional layout of the building itself was changed, and elevators were installed.

Originally, the renovated building was to serve as Bydgoszcz’s monitoring center, which was to house the headquarters of the city guard and the city archive. The challenge was to find a way to combine the three functions. However, it now houses the Bydgoszcz Finance Office.


People of the project

Wojciech Wobszal