Laying the cornerstone at the Old Paper Mill

Author: Press release | UAP

On August 13, 2020, the Board of Directors of the Greater Poland Region passed a resolution. It granted the University of Arts in Poznań a subsidy from the European Regional Development Fund as part of the WRPO for 2014-2020 for the reconstruction of the Old Paper Mill building complex at St. Szyperska 8, in Poznań. After completing the necessary paperwork, a project funding agreement was signed on April 27, 2021, which finally sealed the start of the investment. The amount of European funding awarded is as much as 22 million 886 thousand. PLN.

In addition, the cost of reconstruction and equipment purchase will be covered by money from the budget of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (PLN 3.2 million) the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sports (PLN 8.5 million), as well as UAP’s own funds (PLN 10.9 million). The entire investment will cost more than 46 million PLN.

In February 2022, we awarded the tender for the design and redevelopment of the Old Paper Mill. General contractor DEMIURG has already completed design work and obtained a decision to carry out restoration and construction works in the area of the historic center of Poznań. Preparatory work, site organization and contracting of subcontractors are currently underway. If everything goes according to our plans, the new Old Paper Mill should be operational as early as September 2023,” says Michal Pawlowski head of the investment department at the University of Arts in Poznan.

We are extremely pleased to be able to carry out another investment in Poznań, and to do so under the “design and build” formula. Our many years of experience with the historic fabric means that I can say with full confidence that this will be another successful realization, and Poznań will gain a place where young people can develop their artistic passions. Later this year we will start construction work, and next year we will be able to meet in the finished facility. – Mikołaj Jankowski, CEO of DEMIURG Ltd

University authorities plan that in September 2023, a unique in Poland, UAP Prototype Shop will be established here, constituting the university’s digital center, where students, as well as UAP employees, will be able to carry out their research projects with a special focus on prototyping projects in the furniture and interior design industry – a recognized and significant branch of our regional economy, which is part of the so-called “digital economy”. Areas of smart specialization of the Greater Poland Region.

The implementation of scientific and research programs will take place there, as well as cooperation programs with industry and various project and research activities that the University will carry out together with industry. In addition, the facility could perform other functions: for example; be a laboratory of the Department of Painting and Drawing, a laboratory of the Department of Sculpture and Spatial Activities, or a facility for design studios, furniture, design, clothing and scenography. We also want this space to host cultural and artistic events that will be accessible to every Poznanian and beyond. – says Prof. Wojciech Hora, Rector of the University of Arts in Poznań.

It’s also an opportunity to strengthen and increase the competence of the university’s research and teaching staff, increase the availability of the offer of research and development, research and analysis for the furniture industry sector, with a particular focus on furniture and interior design elements manufacturers. Also, what is of great value, is the construction of internship programs for students, knowledge transfer, and the preparation and professionalization of human resources for the region’s smart specialization area.