Kindergarten under the Sun

Name: Kindergarten under the Sun
Investor: Poznań City Hall
Designer: DEMIURG
General contractor: DEMIURG
Site area: 62 498 m2
Implementation date: 2019
People of the project: Bartosz Kaczmarek, Radosław Piechnik, Natalia Krzymińska, Justyna Chojnacka, Marek Skibiński, Paulina Figura, Emilia Pakulska-Nabereźna, Marcin Gatniejewski, Mariusz Sanewski
Photos: Maciej Lulko

Kindergarten under the Sun

The concept for the Kindergarten consisted of a complex of pavilions with a centrally planned security guardhouse, connected by arcades to smaller buildings. Closer to Dębińska Road, a house for the caretaker and plant manager was also realized. The building represented the tenets of the manor style. In the center of the French garden (to the south) stood Edward Haupt’s sculpture, Motherhood. The garden with a pond was completed in 1933, and the baby house itself included a playroom, dining room, and bathhouse with showers.

The scope of work for the project included the construction and multi-discipline detailed design along with obtaining a building permit and general contracting, as well as obtaining an occupancy permit. Assumed works included reconstruction and renovation of historic buildings, construction of a new outbuilding, landscaping, and revegetation of the site. It is one of the few facilities in Poznan with a special system for the blind.

We have adapted the complex to make it fully accessible to people with disabilities. We have removed a number of barriers: equipped the facility with a stairlift and platform, eliminated door thresholds, and redesigned toilets. We also made a playground that will be accessible to people with disabilities and at the same time fully safe for the youngest users. – Natalia Krzymińska, Project Manager

The historic space of the Jordan Garden is being developed to make it an attractive place for strolling, relaxation and, above all, a space for outdoor cultural activities. As part of the work, we inventoried more than 800 trees.

In the garden area, we made park alleys and a completely new fence for the entire area. We also overhauled the fountain and the beach volleyball court, renovated the tennis courts, and created two playgrounds – including one for children with disabilities. An interesting element that has undergone restoration work is the park drinkers. We restored the fountain’s sculpture, while in the fountain’s wading pool, we made a reinforced concrete slab, insulation and restored the alignment of the original stone pavement.


People of the project

Bartosz Kaczmarek

Radosław Piechnik

Natalia Łęczowska

Marek Skibiński

Paulina Figura

Emilia Pakulska-Nabereźna

Justyna Chojnacka

Marcin Gatniejewski

Mariusz Sanewski