Hotel in Nepal

Name: Hotel in Nepal
Investor: The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts
Executive design: DEMIURG
Implementation date: 2013
People of the project: Hubert Maciejewski, Rafał Kotlarz

Hotel in Nepal

The unusual hotel property is located in Nepal near the city of Pokhara. This is a unique place in many respects. The beauty of the surrounding nature, the use of ecological solutions, and a wide range of leisure activities are just some of the many advantages of this place. The idea was to create a leisure facility while integrating it with local environmental conditions. Ecological issues were also very important to the Investor. All materials from the wooden structural components to the canvas roofs were made from natural materials. On the basis of the prepared documentation, the Investor successfully implemented the investment assumption, starting with the prefabrication of building elements in Poland, through transportation to the investment site, and integration of elements on the construction site. The realization was made more than 5,000 kilometers away from the project site.

Taking this into account, the whole thing was designed with a timber-frame structure. In addition to the relatively light weight of the wooden structural elements, it was decided to choose wood because of its high resistance to the harsh climatic conditions of the project site. A facility with a total area of more than 1,400 square meters was built in difficult mountainous conditions. The location where the project was implemented provided the designers with many challenges. The steep slope of the terrain at the site where the buildings are to be founded, as well as logistical constraints due to the lack of paved roads, had to be taken into account in every design decision made. The structural components were delivered by air transport and designed to be easily transported to the construction site.

The peculiarity of the project was the development of the documentation in Poland, based on the materials provided by the investor and the implementation arrangements exclusively through electronic means of communication. On the basis of the documentation prepared by us, the Investor successfully realized the investment assumption. The opportunity to participate in this realization was a unique experience. – Hubert Maciejewski, Chief Designer


People of the project

Hubert Maciejewski

Rafał Kotlarz