BOI Szczecin

Name: BOI Szczecin
Investor: West Pomeranian Provincial Office in Szczecin
Project: DEMIURG
Surface: 421,9 m2
Implementation date: 2020
Collaboration: Malwina Tylewicz
People of the project: Natalia Kazubek, Zuzanna Smykowska, Krzysztof Kaczmarek, Wiktor Smogór, Mariusz Sanewski, Marcin Gatniejewski, Jan Krzysztof Nikisch
Photographer: Maciej Lulko

BOI Szczecin

The West Pomeranian Provincial Office is housed in a historic building, built in 1911. The facility was erected on a 12860-square-meter plot where Fort Leopold was previously located. The facility now serves as a public building. The courtyard of the Office, where the Foreign Service Office was planned to be established, served as a communication space for visitors and employees. Due to the need to adapt it to the current needs of users, we developed a design for the new space.

The designers’ work included roofing the courtyard and arranging the space to meet the needs of employees, stakeholders, and customers. Through the design of a 7-meter-high glass roof, we achieved the effect of an extremely modern space.

The West Pomeranian Provincial Office has gained an additional 344 sqm of office space with customer service desks, adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. There is also a comfortable waiting room, an office area, a children’s corner, an information desk, and a cash register.

Reconciling the expectations of all participants in the investment process is never easy, all the more so the end result gives great satisfaction. The newly created space of the Foreigners Service Point was planned in such a way that a Stakeholder going to the Office could deal with all matters in one place. – Natalia Kazubek, Vice President of the Board


People of the project

Natalia Kazubek

Zuzanna Smykowska

Krzysztof Kaczmarek

Wiktor Smogór

Mariusz Sanewski

Marcin Gatniejewski

Jan Krzysztof Nikisch