Inowrocław Police Station

Investor: District Police Headquarters in Inowrocław
Designer: DEMIURG
People of the project: Hubert Maciejewski
Photographer: Maciej Lulko

Inowrocław Police Station

The subject of the investment was the expansion and modernization of the facility with the construction of a new connector and the modernization of the administration building, the administration and detention building, the garage and workshop building and the kynological and garage building.

Combining modern and historic architecture is always a major challenge. In the case of the latter, detail and a focus on restoring the historical fabric play a very large role. A key factor is also the appropriate combination of historical heritage with the new standards operating in this type of police facility.

In Inowrocław, the historic brick building was expanded with a new transparent entrance area with an overhanging connector, basing the divisions of the ironwork on the proportions of the historic facade. As a result, despite the closed main body, the lightweight entrance part invites citizens to interact and makes the building open to the surroundings.

It succeeded in creating a positive contrast and complementing the historic fabric with a modern steel and glass structure. The historic building of the Inowrocław Police Headquarters has regained its former splendor, and its current appearance emphasizes its stature.


People of the project

Hubert Maciejewski