The Pearl of Lazarus

Name: The Pearl of Lazarus
Designer: DEMIURG
Area: 4 500 m2
Implementation date: 2018
People of the project: Inga Rolek, Jan Krzysztof Nikisch, Hubert Maciejewski, Ilona Szarwińska, Monika Kamińska, Marcin Gatniejewski, Mariusz Sanewski, Dominiki Szymanowska

The Pearl of Lazarus

Green Pearl tenement is a project to rebuild and modernize a historic building located in the center of Poznan’s Saint Lazarus, at the intersection of St. Matejki and Niegolewski. Originally designed in 1906 in the Art Nouveau style by architect Paul Pitt, the building has become a kind of challenge to reflect the old architectural fabric in a contemporary expression.

The detailed scope of the project involved the superstructure, expansion, and reconstruction with a change of use of the building by restoring the abandoned residential and commercial functions. In the front part of St. Matejki we have provided for an additional floor with part of the attic converted to usable purposes. The townhouse is built on a plan similar to the letter C, whose side wings connect with the front part at a near-right angle.

The goal of the project clearly determined the direction of the design effort – the preservation of the historic architectural expression along with the organization of comfortable living and service spaces. Complementing the above is an interior courtyard patio accessible from all stairwells. The space set aside for residents was enriched with organized greenery and a place to relax by locating several benches.

The subdued color scheme of the facade in shades of beige, as well as the use of wooden windows and ornamented balustrades modeled on the original ones, serves to deliberately inscribe the building into the surrounding neighborhood, whose starting base is the pre-war architectural and urban layout. The historic character is complemented by the use of numerous stuccowork reproduced according to the original, especially visible in the interiors of the staircases. – Inga Rolek, Chief Architect


People of the project

Inga Rolek

Jan Krzysztof Nikisch

Hubert Maciejewski

Ilona Szarwińska

Monika Kamińska

Marcin Gatniejewski

Mariusz Sanewski

Dominika Szymanowska