SWPS Warsaw

Investor: SWPS
Location: Chodakowska 19/31, Warszawa
General Contractor: DEMIURG
Project: PUiA Marek Solnica
Area: over 6000 m2
Implementation date: 2021
People of the project: Marek Skibiński, Emilia Pakulska-Nabereźna, Kamil Skibiński
Photographer: Sebastian Deptuła

SWPS Warsaw

The headquarters of SWPS University is located in Warsaw’s Praga Południe, the artistic and fashionable district of Warsaw. The building formerly housed the Switchgear Manufacturing Plant. Today, the interiors serve the SWPS academic community. After extensive renovation work, the space is more comfortable and the teaching rooms have become modern and adapted to the needs of their users.

The work included the renovation of teaching rooms and auditoriums, which have become more functional and comfortable. New mobile walls in the largest rooms make it possible to divide them into smaller rooms, and thanks to the acoustic properties of the materials used, holding classes in both of them is not a problem.

Comfort is also ensured by new doors to the halls and bathrooms – more than 170 have been replaced. In some rooms, the construction of the ceilings has been uncovered – to maintain a more industrial atmosphere. We also replaced electrical, teletechnical, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems, enhancing the quality of use of the facility for the academic community.

The building also underwent a major renovation of more than 20 bathrooms. They have been adapted to current regulations, making them fully accessible to people with disabilities. We also secured the steel structure, carried out installation work, and brought the premises up to fire safety standards.

Despite a very short deadline and at the same time a large scope of work (more than 6,000 sqm), we managed to complete all renovation and installation work. Both the Investor and us were very keen to make it in time for the start of the academic year – so that students could return to a modern and comfortable space. Thanks to the great team that participated in the renovation work, we can now be proud of the end result. – Marek Skibinski, Project Manager


People of the project

Marek Skibiński

Emilia Pakulska-Nabereźna

Kamil Skibiński