Office G1

Designer: DEMIURG
Interior Designer: mode:lina
General Contractor: DEMIURG
People of the project: Krzysztof Kaczmarek, Natalia Kazubek, Inga Rolek, Bartosz Kaczmarek, Mikołaj Jankowski
Photographer: Maciej Lulko
Interior photographer: Patryk Lewiński

Office G1

We have always dreamed of designing and building our own office one day. We wanted our team to have a space that would provide comfortable working conditions and a place where we could spend time together. For the project we engaged the Poznan office mode:lina, which knew the specifics of the industry and prepared a design that perfectly matched our expectations. – Bartosz Kaczmarek, Attorney at Law

Although from the outside the building appears very minimalistic and monochromatic, inside it is buzzing with energy. The power of colors combined with the raw nature of concrete, interesting details, and the presence of art-this interior still has a lot to discover.

The building has been tailored to our needs. Designers have their own dedicated space for quiet work. On the floor, our project managers do their magic. There are also rooms for meetings and spaces where people, who spend most of their time on site, can find a place for themselves when they come to the office. In the so-called “underground” there is a kitchen, where we meet to eat something together, as well as more meeting rooms and a terrace, which serve as a place to celebrate our important events.

The main inspiration for the office’s design was the bunker nearby. The austere facade, heavy steel doors, exposed ceilings or ubiquitous concrete – all these elements are a reference to the original style of the fortification buildings.

In order to domesticate and make our space more cozy, we put some greenery into the office. Also on the outside, both at one and the other sister building, we made sure that when looking out the window, the eye can rest, looking at the green space full of plants.-Natalia Kazubek, Vice President





People of the project

Natalia Kazubek

Krzysztof Kaczmarek

Inga Rolek

Bartosz Kaczmarek

Mikołaj Jankowski